Third time’s a charm, right? I had one neurologist for years whose mantra appeared to be ‘every headache is a migraine.’ Different hospital, new neurologist. During my ninety+ day headache gave me the same type of medication and said “come see me if it doesn’t improve we’ll put you back on a medication you’ve previously been on.” NOOOO!!!

Some headaches are shunt-related and have more to do with fluid dynamics than blood vessel dilation. Finally, maybe, a neurologist who gets it.

A treatment, not a cure

The Chicago walk to raise money to find a cure for hydrocephalus is August 18. My husband and I will be walking with my fellow hydro warriors.
If every child diagnosed with autism endured a mandated brain surgery meant to treat their condition, would the world sit up and take notice?
The most common pediatric neurosurgery is the placement of a shunt to treat, not cure, hydrocephalus. We will endure brain surgeries to stay alive because it’s the only choice we have.

Headache & Migraine

My headaches have been well under control since surgery in March. Yesterday I had a headache and thought ‘Where did this come from?’ Today awoke with a migraine and thought ‘What did I eat?’

A day or two ago I remembered eating an entire box of macaroni & cheese. Apparently even organic mac & cheese is on the ‘do not eat’ list.🧀

Cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits, caffeine and artificial sweeteners still banned from my eating list.

A Good Few Months

After intracranial monitoring in March, and the adjustment to my shunt, the difference has been remarkable.

I hardly have any headaches, fingers crossed it stays that way. Also my body seems to be more tolerant to migraine triggers. I haven’t had a weather migraine since the shunt adjustment, I’m no longer a walking barometer. I don’t have to instantly anticipate a migraine in two days if I forget to say “decaf” at Starbucks.

Sitting At Heathrow

I’m on my way home. I’m ready. My head hurts, my shoulder hurts, my body is weary. I should be using this time to write, but even my brain feels tired. I can’t believe it, but for a while, I’m travelled out.