A Headache That’s Lasted A Month

I’ve had a headache since December tenth. Luckily most days it’s mild. However, for weeks it can be ‘I wish I could rip my scalp of’ viscous. I thought it was an uptick in migraines, or changes in weather, until remedies for those types of headaches didn’t help this headache.

I went to see my nuerosurgeon. (I always giggle as I say this , as though everyone has their own neurosurgeon.) He didn’t like the sound of my headache and ordered an MRI. After looking at the results, he wants to see me in eight weeks.

Five years ago I was seeing him once a year. Four years ago I was seeing him twice a year. Then in 2016 I had two brain surgeries (shunt revisions) to treat my hydrocephalus. I then went to seeing him every six months. Now it’s every two months. This isn’t how technology is supposed to work!

I appears, also that I may have acquired another affliction related to my hydrocephalus. Oh joy.

I’ve rewritten the words of Huey Lewis’ song “I Want a New Drug.” My title is “I Want a New Head.”

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