Headaches are better than Brain Surgery.

I got a Keurig coffee-maker for Christmas and I love it. However, there is a dire lacking of decaffeinated K-Cups.🤔

As someone who regularly gets headaches and migraines, do I add to those with all the delicious, but caffeinated k-cup varieties? Absolutely!

Afterwards, I must put the Keurig away for a week and return to drinking water.

Hydrocephalus Research Needed!

A (protracted) post from a hydro-mom, Olivia is a teenager!! She’s had as many brain surgeries as I’ve had years of life. #NOMOREBS

“Olivia’s going into surgery shortly.
This will be number 50. Let that sink in a moment. We need better technology, more research, a cure. Olivia has missed most of this semester at school. We need to do better.”