Outlining Your Novel – How to plan your story.

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I recently tweeted a picture that showed the process I am using to outline my new novel. There were a number of replies which generally fell into two categories: That is mental, you are mental #PantsersRuleTheWorld Interesting, I might give it a try. Of course, we all love to write and the more time you […]

Outlining Your Novel – How to plan your story.

Staying at Home

With a worldwide pandemic and racial riots it’s been a good time to stay home. I’ve been out of the house only a handful of time since mid march. I’ve cancelled a trip to Hawaii, a trip to Houston and a trip to England. Another casualty was a cruise to celebrate my fiftieth birthday. Many have spoken about cancelling 2020, does that mean I can cancel my fiftieth birthday? In 2021 can I claim to still be forty nine? One good thing that’s come out if staying at home, I’m exercising more. It really does help mitigate anxiety by keeping to a regular schedule.