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I'm a mystery author my first book, The With Hazel Manor. I've also written a short memoir about living with a hidden disability; I'm Having Brain Surgery on Tuesday. This memoir recounts how the side-effects of hydrocephalus, and having a hidden disability, affects my life, relationships, and well-being.

A Successful Visit to My Neurologist

My husband drove me because driving in city traffic makes me more anxious than I am already.

I told the physician about my headaches (less of a problem) and my balance (more of a problem.) He ordered a blood test. Results shortly.🤞

So Much For Relaxation

Last week I was so proud of myself. I was keeping well hydrated drinking water and tea. I’ve just discovered Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Spice – delicious.

Fast forward a few days and I’m experiencing an ongoing migraine. My migraines are always food-related. I trace to migraine back to the Cinnamon Spice Tea.☹🤨👎

Apparently being allergic to Ragweed can also cause headaches from consuming tea containing camomile.😮

Who knew!