Vertigo & Nausea

Two days before Thanksgiving I had a bout of dizziness. The world wasn’t spinning, but my usually poor balance was off kilter. I dismissed it as a one-day ailment.

One week later I’m visiting my sister in Seattle I awake the second morning and the room is spinning counter-clockwise. I’ve not drunk any alcohol to cause this. Definitely a neurological problem.😵‍💫 The dizziness also returns with nausea and stays full-on for about five days.

Returning home I convince my neurosurgeon’s nurse that something isn’t right. The last time I felt like this I was on a slow boat to shunt failure. After a shunt series and a CT scan they can find nothing wrong with the function of hardware in my brain.🧠

Three weeks into this adventure I now feel like I’m being blown over by a strong wind. I call make an appointment with my neurologist, but can’t get an appointment until June. 😐

Fortunately, the symptoms subside before Christmas and I’m confident enough to leave the proximity of my medical team to visit my out-of-town in-laws. The visit was medically uneventful, and my largest worry was my kitten hiding permanently under their couch. 🛋 It did add some humor to an otherwise stressful month.

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