It’s Called Recovery For a Reason

Yesterday, five days after minor brain surgery, I felt fine. Nothing hurt, I had breakfast, even after getting up early. I caught the 7:30am train to Chicago, then a bus to Michigan Avenue. Arrived on time for one-day convention on Crime Writing.

By 11:30am I was ready for a nap! That was only after one session; I couldn’t believe how little energy I had. All I’d done was sit all day, on the train, the bus, the talk…good night!

I took a small nap during their State of the State address. I plopped into a comfy chair and was out!

I went to the next presentation then their organized lunch. I was slugging around a bag that was at least ten pounds. I’m not supposed to lift anything over ten pounds, let alone lug it around all day!

At 2pm, I realized my body literally couldn’t endure the rest of the convention, even though my brain wanted to. I began my trudge back home. Waited for the bus, waited for the train. Arrived home 4:30pm. At 6pm I started a longer nap until 7:30. No dinner needed, appetite lost.

And that’s why, as small as the surgery seems; it’s not.