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I'm a mystery author my first book, The With Hazel Manor. I've also written a short memoir about living with a hidden disability; I'm Having Brain Surgery on Tuesday. This memoir recounts how the side-effects of hydrocephalus, and having a hidden disability, affects my life, relationships, and well-being.

A monitor and an IV Pole

Normal intracranial pressure is 15-19 mm/Hg. From the photo see that mine was a tad low. Who knows what caused the sudden drop in pressure, but it certainly caused one hellava long headache. A simple shunt adjustment and I should be good as I get. 🧠 #neurosurgery


Just a Little Minor Brain Surgery

Looking forward to insertion of this, an intracranial monitor into my brain this coming Monday. 😳

Especially looking forward to brain surgery under local anesthesic.😳

I’ll be in the ICU for up to three days. Do you think they’d frown on my doing yoga during that time? πŸ€”

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

In November of 2017 I participated in a survey conducted by the Hydrocephalus Association regarding my experiences as a middle-aged adult with hydrocephalus.

Fast forward eighteen months, the information I and others provided resulted in a new area of research for hydrocephalus: feelings of nausea and general malaise as an additional symptom experienced by those with hydrocephalus.