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I'm a mystery author my first book, The With Hazel Manor. I've also written a short memoir about living with a hidden disability; I'm Having Brain Surgery on Tuesday. This memoir recounts how the side-effects of hydrocephalus, and having a hidden disability, affects my life, relationships, and well-being.

Even God Took a Day of Rest

After arriving in England on May 8 and running non-stop since then, today’s a day to literally stay in bed. Being six hours out of my “home” time zone, and running on fumes causes vestibular migraines. #anounzeofprevention


A Whirlwind of Travel

Since my last brain surgery March 18, I’ve been traveling; a lot. My first trip was to DC, a week trapsing around museums. I commented it was recovery by fire. Next we went to Indiana for the weekend then Springfield the following weekend. Now as this weekend winds down I’m packing for a three-week trip to Europe.I’m grateful my hydrocephalus is stable enough to allow me to do what I love.

Healing. Slowly.

Saturday I walked the longest distance I have since surgery, roughly two miles. Before surgery, no problem; Saturday I felt weary with every step. One foot in front of the other to get the job done. Healing is real, but you don’t get further without a little push. I feel I have to be ready for long walks later this week, on my way to Washington DC. Not sure how the new shunt setting will deal with the difference in air pressure while onboard the plane, always an adventure.

It’s Called Recovery For a Reason

Yesterday, five days after minor brain surgery, I felt fine. Nothing hurt, I had breakfast, even after getting up early. I caught the 7:30am train to Chicago, then a bus to Michigan Avenue. Arrived on time for one-day convention on Crime Writing.

By 11:30am I was ready for a nap! That was only after one session; I couldn’t believe how little energy I had. All I’d done was sit all day, on the train, the bus, the talk…good night!

I took a small nap during their State of the State address. I plopped into a comfy chair and was out!

I went to the next presentation then their organized lunch. I was slugging around a bag that was at least ten pounds. I’m not supposed to lift anything over ten pounds, let alone lug it around all day!

At 2pm, I realized my body literally couldn’t endure the rest of the convention, even though my brain wanted to. I began my trudge back home. Waited for the bus, waited for the train. Arrived home 4:30pm. At 6pm I started a longer nap until 7:30. No dinner needed, appetite lost.

And that’s why, as small as the surgery seems; it’s not.