Falling, With or Without Style

I fell off the back of the couch on Saturday April 22.  I hit the side of my head, luckily not the side of my shunt.  I hurt my finger, then wondered why I has one helluva headache the next day.
Just permanently wrap me in bubble wrap (we’ve got enough in our basement!) Another alternative my husband suggested was I wear a pendant for “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” any time I’m alone in the house.🤣

I’m not so sure there was style with the tumble on May 9. I was waiting to cross the road, waiting for the “walk” signal. I had a bag of groceries in one hand and a gallon of milk in the other. Suddenly it occurred to me “Maybe I haven’t hit the button.” So as I turn towards the button, I trip over the waterline square in the sidewalk. Groceries go flying; I’ve half knocked the wind out of myself. As I’m re-collecting myself, a concerned man comes over “Are you alright?” I’m highly embarrassed when I realize he’s the passenger of a car stopped at the light that I was about to turn green for him. I say as normally as I can (because I still have the wind knocked half out of me) “I’m fine, I do this sort of thing all the time. OMG did you just get out of that car to check on me?” Affirmative. 🚶🖒😶 😖🖓





Author Bio

Felicity Gorham, born on Oxford, England in 1970, caught viral meningitis the day of her birth. This alone should’ve killed her. Meningitis resulted in the author acquiring hydrocephalus. A life-long neurological condition, with no cure, that few outside the medical community have any knowledge of. The only treatment for hydrocephalus is brain surgery. Felicity had her first brain surgery at the tender age of nine weeks.

Felicity’s debut book, I’m Having Brain Surgery on Tuesday recounts life with hydrocephalus; for her, an invisible disability. The author weaves a tale of how the side-effects of hydrocephalus, and having a hidden disability, affected her relationships, and current day-to-day life.

Her memoir concentrates on three years (2013-2016) during which she endured her seventh, eighth, and ninth brain surgeries. Felicity also explores what she could’ve accomplished in life, if she hadn’t developed hydrocephalus.

Felicity lives with her husband outside Chicago

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Twitter: @FelicityG

Introducing Felicity Gorham

An up-and-coming author whose first book is her own memoir. Entitled ‘I’m Having Brain Surgery on Tuesday’, the story recounts Felicity’s struggles while living with life-long, hidden disabilities. Born with viral meningitis, and acquiring incurable hydrocephalus, Felicity writes eloquently about the barriers, bullies and beliefs of others she’s had to overcome to achieve her dreams.