Books by Felicity Gorham

1. The Witch Hazel Concoction Book One of the Moore-Thyme Case Files

2.Kidnapped Book Two of the Moore-Thyme Case Files

3. Something New Book Three of the Moore-Thyme Case Files

Genre: Mystery

I’m Having Brain Surgery on Tuesday: Living with a Hidden Disability

Genre: Memoir


Change of Weather Causes Migraine

Any time the barometric pressure changes significantly, my adjustable shunt is unable to keep up.  It’s unable to adequately drain the excess cerebral spinal fluid from my brain, causing a pressure build up. The result is a migraine caused by weather. What helps is a diuretic that’s able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

I wake up with a headache almost every day. Mostly, they disappear as I go from horizontal to vertical and the built up fluid drains appropriately.

Sometimes I’m not so lucky.  I get headaches for many reasons. Five types of headaches and three different types of migraines makes for an interesting daily life.

I also work out six days a week. Two yoga classes, two weight training classes and one intense cardio class. On Sunday’s I work out with a friend, usually another cardio/weight workout. This helps keep the headaches less severe than they could be.