Author Bio

Felicity Gorham, born on Oxford, England in 1970, caught viral meningitis the day of her birth. This alone should’ve killed her. Meningitis resulted in the author acquiring hydrocephalus. A life-long neurological condition, with no cure, that the only treatment is to manage the condition with a shunt.  The shunt siphons one pint of cerebral spinal fluid out of the brain every day.  Few outside the medical community have any knowledge of hydrocephalus. The only treatment for hydrocephalus is brain surgery. Felicity had her first brain surgery at the tender age of nine weeks.

Felicity’s debut book, a memoir, I’m Having Brain Surgery on Tuesday  concentrates on three years (2013-2016) during which she endured her seventh, eighth, and ninth brain surgeries.  It also describes Felicity’s daily life with hydrocephalus; for her, an invisible disability. The author weaves a tale of how the side-effects of hydrocephalus, and having a hidden disability, affected her relationships, and current day-to-day life.

Felicity also explores what she could’ve accomplished in life, if she hadn’t developed hydrocephalus.

Felicity lives with her husband outside Chicago